Monday, 30 July 2012


Several years ago I received a message from Pablo Ganguli asking me to read my poetry at one of his Liberatum Cultural summits.  These conventions connect the finest brains with the rest of world. Of course I was flattered. I had just finished my first book, Cloak and Dagger Butterfly. A book of poetry, love and bitter sweet agony of losing it.  It was bound together with photographs of women that I had taken. I thought I had hit the big time.
I had not realized it had reached such a wide audience, that was, until I was enthusiastically contacted by Mr. Ganguli. I was asked if I could come to Moscow and unable to refuse this man who has become the Pied Piper of glamour. As he gathers together huge major minds, artists and cultural magnets, I was nervous to read in front of some of the most brilliant people in the world. Pablo put me at ease immediately and informed me I was a major mind too, so much so that I almost believed him. He is indeed a charming human being. Not every day are you offered to read  from your writing in front of such a select audience and dance round the Kremlin, all before lunch. He has a knack of merging the perfect balance of talent and appreciation. He applies his unbridled energy into every aspect to ensure that each hour is perfectly put together.
Pablo has good ‘old fashioned’ charm that is completely refreshing. He is a nucleus of social life and if you are doing well and receiving gold stars expect a call from this bundle of activity.


When I met Pablo he was an enchanting and I was completely bowled over by his enthusiasm for the arts, in this age when computers have taken over.  He sees that concerts are held, galleries opened and hotels flourish as they ask the advice of this tiny pocket sized Mowgli, a beautiful man from Asia.  Mixing medias as he goes, in Berlin recently he had Stephen Frears, Kim Catrall, Rossy de Palma and the doyenne of fashion plates, Carmen dell ‘Orrifice.

Reportedly born in Calcutta he never met his Mother and was brought up by his Grandmother. A relation is the famous Poet Laureate Rabindranath Tagore and his father an art historian. Clearly their blood rushes through his veins and by the time he reached his twenties he daringly entered the cultural world putting on three of four festivals a year around the world.

Companies want to be attached to Liberatum.  From Papua New Guinea, Morocco, Russia, Moscow and St Peterberg, Hong Kong, Venice and Berlin. Social barriers come down and the brains meet power. He has put together Christopher Hampton, Julia Peyton Jones, Franca Sozzani, Michael Craig Martin, Stephen Jones and Phillip Treacy, Nobel prize winners, charity workers, James Franco and the worlds best Disc Jockeys. He is a anything but lazy.  Go write ten books and expect a call.

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