Tuesday, 3 July 2012


I wanted to talk about the products I use because I am always being asked.  So here goes.
Two days ago I found some at the Soho House in Berlin, for the Liberatum Festival,  called "Cowshed". I know that most people who travel a lot will know them.  As I entered my luxurious room, perfectly lit, I noticed a huge bed, bigger than most. I wanted to curl up and sleep immediately.  It was vast and I had nobody to cuddle up to.  Delightfully warm and dreamily sensuous.  Clever lighting and decoration made me feel completely at home. An old fashioned record player, a wireless, white perfectly fluffy towels, and a proper dressing table made me very happy.  
With nobody around I grabbed hold of The Cowshed's knackered cow bath gel and squeezed it lavishly all over me.  I slumped into the shower and immediately relaxed. I wanted to smell of it. I wanted my hair to smell of it. Rarely do I love showers, I could happily live in the bath.  As I came out I saw some oils called the Horny cow. Perfectly named and with that, covered my whole body. I was extremely happy.
Normally I would not bother to talk about such things.
Today I started the Raw Fairies detox. I love  doing it, although I rarely keep to it.  It stops all stomach problems and you feel terrific afterwards.
I also love La Prairie's anti aging foundation. I have to age but it makes my skin glow and mixes well with the ravishing colours my make up artist uses called Emma O'byrne. I would suggest anybody should use her for weddings and any special occasions.   
In any case I am now going to make myself a work of art and go to Annabels for Tracey Emin's Birthday party.

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