Monday, 2 July 2012


Kim Catrall at Soho House
Kim Catrall
Another busy day  and one that was unexpected. Stephen Frears asked me to interview him, I thought he was joking but he was completely serious. He asked me to help make the stage a friendlier place. Needless to say the other interviewee, Min,  did a great job. she asked all the right questions, but it was fun to stand up and help out. 
Liberatum and Soho House hosted a successful day with an intimate portrayal given by Kim Catrall and Stephen on a life of being in films. Amusing moments punctuated by the wit Marianne Faithfull. Kim discussed being a woman over the age of 50 and what it means in this world that only likes youth and fame. She said she at 56 had never felt better but was happy for a stable life. She was going to Produce now, she liked that form of creativity.
Afterwards we were lucky to have a talk with 81 year old Carmen dell'Orefice a wonderful woman who has been photographed by everybody from  Avedon to Terry Richardson.   A woman with three modelling careers. A silent actress. Here is Italian Vogue's view of it.

I was thinking how comfortable I was on stage. 
Why on earth when I was young did I want to blend 
in?, I was clearly born to stand out. I should have know that  I couldn't possibly fit in.  I had wanted to be like 
everybody else.  I wanted to dress in a nurses costume, 
play with dolls, but when exposed to the dress or 
the plastic toy, they would remain unpacked 
and unworn.  
I wanted to fit in but somehow ordinary life did not 
come my way, even when I tried.
When I was young I remember my mother saying "Fall in love where  money is", but when I married a rich man, she 
complained I was materialistic.  However I 
had no previous knowledge that my ex was rich, 
I appreciated the 
cups on his wall and his unusual brain, so 
married him. He however gave me the freedom 
to be artistic which 
my family had not truly encouraged. They 
only liked what they called artistic brilliance and 
obviously they didn't think I was shiny enough.

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