Friday, 22 June 2012


I had such a good time yesterday even in the  pouring rain. My son Charles looked as if he was a ghost from 1880. Very chic yet with a splash of difference.  His unruly hair had been given some style by  Natalia from Real Hair.  He looked distinguished.  He asked if he could come with me and so my poor tired feet are were squeezed yet again into my YSL shoes.  Totally unsuitable for the terrain. If her Majesty, The Queen can do it, then I can too. I  definitely gambled and cannot wait. 

Friday was a successful day, my son was happy having backed a few winners and happily pocketed one hundred pounds.  The Bamford box was  full of the best dressed. Lady Bamford is definitely one of the most elegant women in England and she looked immaculate in a cream Chanel coat with pearl buttons and an adorable box hat along with her daughter Alice, they both have allure and style. Their box was lots of fun and with a serious edge too. They truly love racing.

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