Wednesday, 2 May 2012


Trinny is one of my most favourite people on the planet. She is efficient funny and can do the crossword in about thirty minutes.  Her brain is incredible.  She dresses for the evening at 11in the morning. Her style is well known. She is a co hostess in What not to Wear.

Which Hollywood star do you find attractive?
What moves you emotionally?
Womens lack of confidence and belief in themselves
Which film director inspires
Ones that make me cry
What food do you most enjoy?
Peanut butter, avacados, chocolate
Which designer do you like to wear most?
What was your most successful moment?
No 1 in New York Times and Sunday Times book listings
What makes you happy?
My daughter, the sun, ski-ing fast
Which film director interests you?
As above
What piece of music do you like listening to?
Merry Christmas Mr Lawrence,  Jerusalem, 
Where do you like to live?
In London
What piece of art inspires you?
What shoes do you like to wear?
What made you most happy in your career?
Every time a woman comes up and says how much our work has helped them.
What person inspired you?.
Oprah,  a lady who recovered from husband beating and started a new life in Australia,  my daughter
What sport do you most enjoy?
Where do you find serenity?
In AA meetings
What do you like to eat?
Everything bar liver and brussel sprouts
What is your biggest sin?
Chocolate and DVD box sets
What piece of advice can you give someone?
Live your life to make every day count
What do you like to do at the week end?
Have no plans but bump into good friends,  sleep in,  go and buy hot chocolate and croissants in the morning with my daughter,  SLEEP IN,  but I never do

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Pamela Terry and Edward said...

Wonderful. Love her.
Interesting questions. I do love questionnaires!
I play along.
Ask me anything!