Saturday, 12 May 2012


I am fed up of paying for dinner. I want to let all the ponces I  know, know this. It will not be happening any more.  I am also fed up of people not paying their debts and sponging off my friends. I have a generous nature, but enough is enough.  There is no free lunch and never has been, Go find yourselves new friends and perhaps do yourself a favour and change?.  
I have one particular friend who called crying that her boyfriend had chucked her out. All of the girls rallied round, I gave her some of my clothes, another girl gave her a flat at a very reasonable rent, another coloured her hair, another gave her a job. All for nothing, but friendship. Then this particular girl bitches about the people helping her, and she did not pay the rent or say thank you. She instead thought it clever to complain and in the process was sacked from her job.  People like this are never in the wrong, they will always have problems. Today when I questioned her, when she asked to stay in my house in Los Angeles, she started to blackmail me writing ridiculous things that should make her more ashamed. What she should have done is say "Thank you" and "Sorry" and paid back her rent money that she owed from a year ago. 
Whether she does or not is up to her, but there are too many people on this planet sponging and behaving greedily.  What I have learnt is that people that sponge are generally the biggest losers.

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