Monday, 16 April 2012


Is this still England? In Australia, America, New Zealand and Ireland, people speak standard English. Their mother tongue is English. Why is it in certain parts of England, English is a third language, mostly misunderstood?  I think that anybody wanting to be a useful part of the United Kingdom should at least be able to pass what used to be the 11+. They can after all read the Pizza Delivery form and they can use a remote control.
 I love living in a cosmopolitan country, and it would be nice if I could be understood. I cannot believe that I, who pronounce the ends of my words, have people looking half the time as if I am speaking a language from Mars.  No wonder we are nostalgic for a bygone era and enjoy programmes like Downton Abbey and the Titanic.  People did their work with pride and job satisfaction then. They contributed. They got on with it. It was work or starve, and people did it with pride.
People came out of working in service to work independently, to be their own mistress and master, and to better themselves. Sadly all we have now is a lazy lot of people who are on anti depressants, doled out by GP's to keep a population subdued, among other things. People are placated and medicated. 
Job seekers allowance should be for people who seek gainful employment, a stop gap so they can keep their dignity.
A disability allowance should be for people who have genetic diseases, brain damage, and registered disabled users, they cannot help it. This should not be ever cut. These are unfortunate people who need our help.
When people come to this country of course we must help them but it should not go on for decades, and they must be helped to integrate in England and be able to communicate easily.
Unfortunately a lot of people misuse our very generous system.
The National Health and welfare is to guarantee that no people starve, no people die from not getting necessary medicine. The National Health even subsidise expensive medicine.
Housing was sent up for those that were unable to get mortgages to make community housing. Government Housing was set up with the good intentions to give everybody a chance to live a clean and healthier life.
People have misused the whole system. This was not what it was set up for. The system was set up to help people. 
It is abused. There are old people that are not well looked after. There are people coming back disabled from fighting for our country unable to be housed because of shortages and they have to rely on hospitals and their family.
There is no free lunch and right for human entertainment.  Things have to change, there are too many people living in too  much concrete, in this tiny country, using all our few available resources.
So many people in this country  do not want to provide for themselves, and make a better existence, they want it handed out on a plate. They want to be a victim to get the benefits. What about the people who really need our help?  They are missing it?

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