Thursday, 26 April 2012


What is the world coming to when children are no longer taught how to write, and the alphabet is redundant?  To be an articulate human being seems to belong to the past. If you do not form letters and words with a pen, how can you form them with the mouth?.  What about the enjoyment of Shakespeare and Wordsworth, or holding a proper conversation?  
There has never been so much communication as there is now, but abbreviated textual intercourse is not the way forward. If children cannot practise their hand, their characters will be illegible and their characters starved. They will have feelings that they cannot put into words and their spelling is atrocious.  
If they spell 'wait' as 'W8',  how will they look up it meaning? (On a computer, I expect.)  It is a sad and ridiculous state of affairs. Who decided this? Is it to make the masses ignorant and uninterested? Can you imagine them writing a will? 
And while we're at it, what was the point of decimalisation in Britain? To run the world with tens was ridiculous, when there are 12 months to the year, and when pounds and ounces made more perfect fractions? I think they did it to hide the devaluation of monies.  But who decided this?
As things are now, 'the powers that be' have decided that the best thing is to keep people thick, and give them a diet of sugar and salt, and call it a "Happy Meal". Feed our children with poison as we are doing, don't teach them very much and keep everybody in the dark.  
Who are the 'they' who have decided to abolish handwriting? If all the electricity went off, nobody would know how to write a letter, let alone post and send it. Imagine Emily Bronte writing a masterpiece to have it lost on a computer.  Soon we will live with a whole lot of deaf and dumb mutes. 
But this dumbing-down is rife everywhere. Ask "What shall we have dinner?" and you pull something out a packet and bung it in the microwave, without even looking at the ingredients.  
The answer is to question everything, including what was on the packet. (Incidentally, it will be poison because it has been made to last two years on the shelf.)  
So eat real, write and exercise and you have a chance to survive.  And realise that our whole world is upside down. 
Children do not know how to make clothes, clean shoes or tie laces. They only know about trainers, footballers and pop stars. Do children know how to tie a bow?  Do they know how to sweep a floor? Do they know to deadhead a flower so that it grows more? Do they know why it grows more? 
I want to eat real cakes and not those from Unilever, and I want to see an apple go off. You can tell that it is healthy when it is a natural green or red. The it is okay to eat!
I do not think that our Prime Minister David Cameron would agree to this when he has had such a fine education himself, and certainly Her Majesty The Queen would be horrified. What does England stand for anymore?

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