Tuesday, 3 April 2012


Everywhere I go there is talk about how to keep ourselves fit. People are obsessed with it. If you look around though few follow through.  At around 46 you can tell who  bothers with a healthy lifestyle and who does not. Of course we have good genes and bad genes, and people cannot help it they have an illness.  However for those that appear healthy and have nothing wrong with them there are some ideas that are interesting. One thing is for certain I am staying away from doctors who hand out pills 'willy nilly' unless life saving.  I am going to take the alternative route.
Years ago I read in David Icke's blog that said there was a connection with sugar and cancer. Yesterday at a lecture given by High50 and Jerome Burne it was confirmed.  He wrote a book called The 10 Secrets of Healthy Ageing, How to live longer, look younger and feel great.  His book was agrees with the Mayr Diet which cuts out all fake sugars.  I have to say that after last week I have lots of energy.  Alzheimer's has taken over from Cancer as the biggest killer and 500 people are  diagnosed with dementia every day.
You can test your memory loss with the charity www.foodforthebrain.org. It can tell you to improve your memory.
You have to also lower your insulin levels to stay young and healthy and to either diet every other day or once a month. I find this the best.  I am nearly always careful for a week, once a month. Beware of low fat foods because as they do not taste good, manufacturers have often added sugar. Sugar being the most deadly thing of all. Fat is needed for the body if you want your skin, hair and eyes to look good. Really the subject requires a lot of study, and a blog like this cannot be explicit enough. So buy the book, or read it on line.
The lecture yesterday given by High50, was in a house that was home to JM Barrie writer of Peter Pan and now belonged to Lady Kennet, a charming artistic house north of Hyde Park. I remembered that she had lived in Wiltshire and she said "Yes" Lockeridge.  I felt immediately at home with her. I was brought up literally 6 miles from her house in the Wiltshire Downs.  Lady Kennet's brain was sparkling obviously she lived on the programme.

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