Saturday, 3 March 2012


A much more entertaining time with Victoria Grant
I am in the world's centre of Fashion, Paris. But instead of beating through the barriers I am going to spend the afternoon with Victoria Grant, one of the most charming milliners in the business, and have some fun. The shows can wait, because they make me wait.
What can I say about fashion, this multi-million pound business, this business that I have loved all my life, and the pleasure of seeing its shows and the new seasons come and go? Can I be truthful? Well, the truth is this: because all the houses are huge and money is their raison d'etre, the whole business has become contaminated. Talented designers are lured and bribed with mansions, limos, flunkeys, and their creativity diminishes. The result? The business has lost, through greed, so many talented designers that now the clothes look plain ordinary. The seasons come and go and really never change. What is the point of a fashion show if showing is so dull? As I advised the other day, go to the back of your wardrobe and become your own stylist. Let's fight back! The designers should remain small and attractive entities under their own brand names.
I used to love the shows, but the amount of calls I have had to place already makes going a total bore. Then on top of that, you arrive and are treated like you are entering a prison camp, by big burly clipboard-Nazi bouncers. Now, this won't happen to Franca Sozzani and Anna Wintour, who are treated with the respect they deserve. But I too am an editor for Genlux Magazine, in Los Angeles, where the clothes are actually worn, by people who can afford them and need them, and here I am writing this! So perhaps the PR companies could be a little more polite and see what is happening to this once wonderful profession.
Does it have to be about selling scent to impressionable women in the duty free shops? Should it be about the amount of adverting space Louis Vuitton takes in Vogue?  Marc Jacobs is more talented than this.
(And by the way, the only one houses with any manners – which these days seem a rarity – were Vivienne Westwood, who sent an invitation without nagging, and Alexander McQueen... perhaps because I bought the whole shop?) 
Marc Jacobs sadly has not a good memory, I bought all his real collection, and his one for Louis Vuitton and lived in a fairy alice dress all last year, with three sparkly bags, I am more than faithful. Okay he is in America, but he represents a French house. As for Chanel, well... it was impossible....
Oh well...
Wearing Marc Jacobs dress, with a Mui Mui shawl and YSL shoes for the Britannia  Awards, Los Angeles
Wearing Alexander Mcqueen coat, Emilia Wickstead dress, Louix Vuitton belt, Chanel Sunglasses,
Europe is broke and do these houses want to turn away a rich editor who actually buys her clothes and who represents a much richer economy?

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