Wednesday, 7 March 2012


Had dinner with one of the most brilliant photographers Tierney Gearon and my favourite artist Yassi Mazandi last night at the Tavern, in the area Jack the sad calls Miami, the tall rise blocks in what looks like the end of the world or the beginning.  Tierney's works are colourful and mystical in their clarity. Photographs of children with masques, balloons, doing cartwheels. She busily showed me new photographs on her I phone.
In any case I packed away Yassi's very valuable and breakable flower works for safety. Terrified of earthquakes, the last thing I need, after last weeks fiasco with Gander and White's,The removal company, whose insurance company,  refuse to pay for my neon that broke during transit and their care.


"No good turn goes unpunished" the saying goes.  In any case I thought it was a nice to give a neon to charity, unfortunately due to a series of mishaps, it seems I am not getting any insurance.  On top of that I gave them another piece that I loved. So two pieces lost, for not much, and hardly a thank you or an apology by the Gander and White or anyone else. What is the matter with removal companies that they feel they rule the world and that they can behave so badly?.  I was told clause 27F states that if the case is opened late they do not have to pay.  What is late? apparently fourteen days.  Well it will be the last time that I do much for anyone.  In this city through a series of my generous moves I have had stolen thousands of dollars one way or another.
The removal company I used from Summitridge Drive to my new house caused so much damage and hi jacked my furniture, until I paid them a further three thousand dollars. They also broke so many things and my favourite Richard Prince print has now disappeared from the "Nurse Series".  So life in this town is the wild west?.
The worst one in my mind, and out right cheeky, was a theft from Harley Reiker of Chrome Candles who told me that it was a good idea that I sharpen up my engine of my Mustang and that I had to pay him upfront. He walked off with my five thousand dollars, that he said was totally necessary to complete the job. Afterwards he said he had been ill and that he would pay me back in candles and when he sold an old banger in his back yard... Oh yes? When?
My friends went round to check him out the other day and there was a dog growling on a leash and the building had no windows.  I made Jack go three times and he said it looked more and more derelict.  His candle business is still on line so he must be alive somewhere. I can barely remember what he looks like except I remember his actions, and once he made love to woman in front of some guests I had for lunch, in a bathroom with see through windows, of course it was not love, more like gross lascivious activity.
I should have known never trust a man who has to make a dash for loo with a trashy blonde, some girl with a name like Sweaty Allure with white shoes.  Never trust a girl with white shoes either.
As I am doing my hair this morning with Angela, she mentions another conman who went off with four hundred dollars of hers saying that she had to pay upfront for exercise lessons.  He promptly never turned up again to teach her, and said that he would pay her back. Now he is living with his mother, his name was Jason Metzker, from supposedly Virginia.  What's the matter with people?
Where is integrity and honour?.
Thank goodness for the talents of artists and my friends, it is the one thing that keeps me happy. If only more people were like them.

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