Thursday, 23 February 2012


Sir Tim Rice is really he is surprisingly modest when you understand his talent and achievements.  He is happy doing ordinary things, most powerful of all,  being able to walk across England on foot. Appreciative of nature, he is a man with a dog first, and afterwards a talented wit and champion of music.  His abilities stretch far and wide. With an Academy Award, A Globe and many others this man is understated,very easy going and good company. He has a passion for Tamara de Lempicka, I do too, unfortunately I do not own a beautiful painting like he does, but her artist studio!

Which Hollywood star do you find attractive?
What moves you emotionally?
"Parent children relationships".
Who in film inspires you?
"Inspiration too strong but I admire Stanley Kubrick".
What food do you most enjoy?
"Unhealthy fry up types".
Which designer do you like to wear most?
"Couldn't even name any".
What was your most successful moment?
"Walking the length and breadth of England".
What makes you happy?
"My offspring"
Which film director interests you?
"Donald Rice" (Cheerful weather for The Wedding, Tribecca Film Festival 2012)
What piece of music do you like listening to?
"Too many of course, too many to list".
Where do you like to live?
What piece of art inspires you?
"Many of course. Too many"
What shoes do you like to wear?
"Slippers and Chelsea boots".
What made you most happy in your career?
"Hearing a song of mine on the radio the first time". 
What person inspired you?.
"Mum and Dad. Granny inspired me"
What sport do you most enjoy?
Where do you find serenity?
"In the bath".
What do you like to eat?
"See above" (fry up question)
What is your biggest sin?
"Fear of being disliked".
What piece of advice can you give someone?
"Not everyone can like you".
What do you like to do at the weekend?
"Walk the dog"

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