Tuesday, 28 February 2012

3D IS ALL AROUND US.. simplicity is the interesting thing.

"What is 3D?,

 I suggest you go outside and touch a leaf, go into a car and drive, that is 3D, go pick some flowers, that is 3D is for free.We soon won't move, we soon won't write, we soon won't see our friends,we soon won't read, we soon won't love, we soon will be slugs on the floor unable to move.
3D is not real its fake..What is wrong with an envelope and a stamp on the corner with the Queen on it?
I want a real life man with a pumping heart"
Simplicity silence imagination are all interesting.
It is why I am going to Paris.  Why should I get the Eiffel Tower in 3D when I can go up it, breath the air round it?
Screen 3D is fake and I want real. To laugh with real friends, to try new things to eat real food.

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