Wednesday, 21 December 2011

The play is rehearsing downstairs on a very sunny day in Los Angeles.  Lisa's dulcet tones are hitting my bedroom and I feel at home with opera and the passion of Elizabeth Karr's inflections as she speaks the play I wrote. I miss my English cast of course, I even miss Lyall Watson too.  What can I say? The set goes in tomorrow designed by the brilliant Trip Haenisch, he was a neighbour of mine in Eden Place my favourite house that I briefly owned in Los Angeles.  Of course I like many interior designers and used Nicky Haslam for the previous production and Martyn Lawrence Bullard for my latest house in Los Angeles. Trip has panache.

My body is coming together after the plastic surgery. People in this city can look like they don't belong to their body. I did a thigh lift and tummy tuck and nearly six weeks later I have very tiny scars thanks to the good nursing from my friend Julia Laverne who nursed me through some rather painful moments. My son Jack says they look incredible and he is a tough judge.

I went to Carnage, Polanki's new film which is brilliantly directed, I laughed all the way through it.  Jodi Foster was incredibly funny.

I writing a list of clothes I would like to wear in the Spring edition for Genlux.  The magazine splashes with colour now Chriselle Lim has taken over as director. Of course I still love black and will probably always only wear it. However this Spring there are lovely block colours being used by Louis Vuitton and Prada. Softer than normal. Chriselle is a talented new edition and has a brilliant blog describing what she wears each day.
I love my Alexander Mcqueen coat I bought at the beginning of the season, I live in it.

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