Tuesday, 27 December 2011


1.   Eyebrows  frame your face and hold the secrets to your soul.  The best eyebrow artist in the world is in my opinion, Tonya Crooks, The brow gal, she makes you look ravishing immediately

2.  There are many hairdressers around the world but I usually use two, Angela Kalinowski in Los Angeles and Snowden Hill in London.  You know that your hair is going to both styled in an  imaginative way and well taken care of.

3.  Eating green food totally changes the way I feel. I like cucumbers, lettuce, brocali, apple and celery.  I also like orange and lemon mixed together with some ginger to make me feel totally alive.

4.  Looking after your teeth is essential for looking your best, many girls look good but when they open their mouth it looks terrible.  You should visit the Dentist at least once every three months for a check up and a thorough cleanze.  Always use a whitener and some floss before going to bed, otherwise you will look like you could grow a garden. In Los Angeles I use a French dentist called Dr Fusier.

5.  Keep happy and cheerful with regular yoga classes, I use Eka in Los Angeles and Justine Glenton in London. Classes are very good too. I enjoyed Gumurkh's last night at the Golden Bridge in LA, it was singing yoga.  An hour and half of total bliss.

6. Nails are always noticed do not forget.  I have been doing Gels recently which last forever and I will probably always use them in future.  In London I use Sophy Robson and Zaida, and in Los Angeles I use a small shop off Sunset Boulevard.

7.  Keep educating yourself. Do not assume you know everything.  Keep alive, try new things out.  Read a book. Have good sex, you can always tell when women do not, they have dead eyes.

8. Plenty of sleep. Although we spend a long time in the coffin, I sleep better with an eye mask. The best ones I have ever used were from Myla, they are soft, pretty and manageable. Otherwise try sleeping with a silk scarf.

9. Do not eat after 6pm if you can help it.  I find this has kept my weight down. It is not perfect but also it is not bad either.

    Before you go to sleep think of something that makes you happy and you find that you wake up in a better mood.

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