Tuesday, 1 November 2011


Thank goodness white collars are back in fashion.  In my wardrobe they never left, I have always had a passion for them and have many versions from Top Shop to Primark.  I like the way they look, the cleanliness, the way they make the face look better, happier, the reflection of the white lightening the skin.  They have a prim look too, so much better than lace which allows the skin to look tired quickly.  It was Coco Chanel, born at the end of the 18th Century who put them with everything, it was her successful uniform that made her masculine tailored suits look sharp and chic, for me it is better than a face lift.  She also added pearls  and costume jewellery which was a statement look. Slim, fit and interested she created this house that has lasted up the brilliance of Karl Largerfeld.
Best shirts this season were  Marc Jacobs.  Jet black and dark navy blue chiffon with white collars.  It makes me look much tidier.  It gives a romantic peter pan look which I like.  I then nagged Emilia Wickstead to death to make me some  lace dresses with white collars which I loved.  Erickson Beamon have a pretty white sequin collar and Coco Chanel usually have something.  They are better than make up.

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