Wednesday, 16 November 2011


I was collected by two seriously attractive ambulance men today, full of muscles,hair, youth and virility, what a change.  They picked me up as if I weighed three stone and took me gently to the charming Dr Perlman, to remove all messages from his knife.  If I wink I could be a "ten".  At least ,I look as if I have only had tiny amounts done. My good girlfriends are saying remove the information from the blog, but as everybody gossips, it is better I have first say.  The truth is that I look so much better.
Los Angeles is getting ready for Thanksgiving and I have many invitations.  To me, being English it sounds like the Harvest Festival which I used to love. There are parties everywhere from Dolce and Gabbana, Alexander Mcqueen,(who, if you bought things,  a percentage was given to LACMA), and Stephen Webster which was without the Webster's, my favourite people.
It is funny being in bed in LA.  Friends are telling me to stay in and get well, but of course I wish to get up and run about. There is so much to do. With my play going up at the end of December and moving at roughly the same time.  I want to buy something discreet.
There are people supporting the arts on every corner, so why anybody would think this place is uncultured, seems to be just rantings of a lunatic, I love it in many ways, the sunshine, the mindless chatter, and my good old friends that have little or nothing to do with Hollywood, although it adds lots of glamour to my life.
So many interesting things go on here besides films, which nowadays seem to be made in New Orleans anyway due to slashed budgets.
Come on legs get better soon, I want to put on my red swimsuit.

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