Monday, 10 October 2011

WHAT's HAPPENED TO CHIVALRY? It's more like an urban bubble of bullshit.

What is this new thing that men can't pay for dinner?  I am curious that the men who are free and over fifty have no pride?.  The ones that are free and over fifty think it's okay to sponge off me and my friends, I am writing a list so that other women can be aware of who is ponce and who is not.
There are so many that I feel I am carrying 50 pound weights on my back.  The worst one was a man who boasted he was about to collect a billion, and would I mind buying him an airline ticket?.   I did of course, stupid me. He said " I will pay you back, I just don't have a travel agent" I met him at the Chelsea Arts Club, so I should have guessed. He ate me out of house and home and even put his fags on my bill.  Since I don't smoke or drink, and didn't fancy this old man, it made me furious.  He was a man who boasted he was building a city to house 52 million in China.  He now wants to send me a bill for the time spent irritating me. He was an 'urban bubble' of bullshit.

His name is Crumpled Cream, Architect and Ponce number one. Architects gossip so much and with so much name dropping I felt the lids of my eyes close continually. He never stopped boring my friends and I with stories of his girlfriend who had left him. I would have left him too...

Now shall I do number two or shall I remain discreet.  I am going to think about it, but you know who you are?

I hate women's liberation, I hate voting and I don't mind being  at a mans beck and call.  I like old fashioned men, I am now joining a nunnery and going to remain celibate.  Good news is that most men, luckily over 50 are impotent, so the loss won't be noticed, plus I would rather live with my memories of beautiful men who made love well  rather than tarnish them with old crumpled cream.


paulr said...

Do nuns eat moussaka ?

paulr said...

Do nuns eat moussaka?