Sunday, 18 September 2011


I long for the good old days, the days when glamour was everywhere even in the simple things like the packaging of butter.  I long to hear the church bells and to hear the Lords Prayer.  I am happy for everybody to do what they like, but the feel of England makes me happy. Yesterday I had a very busy day.  I was lucky enough to be invited to two weddings and The Goodwood Revival.  This was quite something.  Thousands of people had literally turned back the clock and glamour was everywhere, even fur. From the 40's up until 60's people looked incredible and had made a huge effort.  I was taken their by the furniture designer, Mark Brazier Jones  and his girlfriend Julia.  All their guests looked stunning in 1940's clothes. Stephen Webster and his wife Anastasia were ravishing.  There was the authentic noise of speed, the beautiful cars, the war rooms, the old vans, Laurel and Hardy and so so much more.
I arrived home thoroughly happy ready to go to the Roberto Cavalli opening and dinner. I wore my new Vivienne Westwood shiny number suitable for this party.  In Battersea Power House walls were covered with leopard and red velvet curtains. Hundreds of young and beautiful girls were there, photographers were flashing, nothing was forgotten.Stephen Webster JewelleryMark Brazier Jones

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