Friday, 19 August 2011


I was asked yesterday what I thought about plastic surgery, botox and any other real helpers for keeping old age at bay.  Maintenance is the new way of growing old gracefully as looking like a condemned building is not desirable, in this age of youth obsessed culture.  My view is this, if we dye our hair, if we eat healthily trying to maintain our weight, and if we can squeeze a few more years out of life, then do what you think you need, but no more. Doing too much you can suddenly look 70 when you are only 55.
Last week I was sitting in Los Angeles where all the women from 20 - 70 want to look juicy and fresh.  It has a feel good factor and few people are obese there. In fact I got the giggles because I went to a restaurant on the Sunset Strip and every girl was ravishing.  I got the giggles because It was a bit of a joke.  Yet it was not.  It is a fact that we can easily slip and not make an effort, but why not get a few more years out of your life and have fun and be viable.  We live in a world where good looks, good intentions and a smile get you everywhere.  Having botox won't necessarily make you look younger it will make you look fresher. In London of course I go to my old boyfriend Dr Jean Louis Sebagh, and in Los Angeles to a lovely woman called Liliana +1310 387 9844.  I do Yoga every other day with Eka +13234596794 in Los Angeles and Justine Glenton in London
+447793184736,  because without them I would have gone mad a long time ago.  It keeps me serene and vital, that is of course until somebody wants to bully me, or take me for a ride, then I am unable to stay quiet..  As for fake bosoms, it all depends on what your real ones look like.  I personally would not want them. Go have them if you need them, because if it makes your feel better you will be more cheerful. Surgery is not a cure for being boring, it won't necessarily get your boyfriend back. It might repackage you for your next man. Of course there are risks, and less is more. I would use Mr Berard +33682571274, who is incredible at the facelift.
Let your weight remain the same, do not yoyo diet this makes women look very old. Too skinny ages you. Diet only to your face and get to love that figure of yours. Dr Fine in London is a person I would recommend +447973638537.
As for a face lift, they have to be done very well and it is really a neck lift.  I do not like brow lifts or fake lips, or tummy tucks but if you truly need them do them.  The surgeon must be an artist, technically perfect does not mean artistry.
Try to do some spiritual work on yourself as you will feel a whole lot better and do a job that interests you. Hair and make up needs to be done to make the whole thing glossy.   For hair I use Snowden Hill in London  and Angela in Los Angeles at the Montage.  Makeup in London, Emma O'byrne and in Los Angeles Tonya Crooks.  Go with what you feel comfortable with. Be happy you will never be as young as you are today. Try not to look too shrink wrapped or expressionless because young peoples faces full of personality that spring back to perfection when they relax.
As for clothes I have gone through every site on the internet and there is no excuse to dress badly.  There are beautiful clothes available and you can buy good basic clothes very reasonably.
Wash regularly and scent is essential. It essential it suits you. If you don't have a fragrance they can't remember you, so make sure it suits you.
My Aunt and I always change for dinner and we think its imperative to make an effort, womens lib go to hell because a man opening a door is very desirable asset and a man taking care of the bill flexes muscles that are very attractive. A man must be a man. Let them do sweet things to and for you and always say thank you.
Hands are dodgy at this age and easily swell so avoid salt and anything you are allergic too because look around you and anybody 48 and over will have swollen hands. Take care of your nails.  In London I use Zaida  +447977716312 or Sophy Robson, in Los Angeles I use Cheryl +13106216615.
Everything must done in moderation, it is maintenance not re creation.

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