Sunday, 10 July 2011


The world has gone mad, well we all know that.

A teenager gets put in jail for a year, for throwing two sticks at the police. It will cost the tax payer roughly 100,000 pounds and ruin another child's life. Meanwhile, the man who came at me with two 12-inch knives - by the Festival Hall nearly two years ago - walks free. He was called to come to court a year after the event, but he did not turn up, and I have had no news from the police since. Apparently, there is one rule for the police and another for the rest of us.

What is the point of this? To show that we have become a fascist state?  It does not look good for the rest of the students who were furious about the cutbacks.  What is the point of making this boy a criminal?  He was probably clever.

The world is a nightmare of unfairness. You don't go to prison if you try to murder somebody, but go to prison if you threaten a policeman?

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