Thursday, 21 July 2011


What a week it has been I have had adventures all over the place.  From visiting Stockholm, which I have come to truly love.  It felt empty and I stayed in a stunning hotel in the heart of the ravishing city called the Lydmar Hotel. Small sophisticated and welcoming. Much better than the hurly burly of the Berns where I stayed last year. I love the feeling of the wind through my hair, and it was good weather. I saw the remnants of my ex family, and I felt comfortable and happy.  Of course sometimes I miss the past. The knowledge that I am understood by all is a great pleasure.
On to Deia in Mallorca and stayed at La Residencia, which at first I hated.  I was still in the play mode. Hard to change gear, but the serene town in the this gorgeous island was incredibly beautiful and just what I needed. I even found a house to buy, in fact several. The most stunning by far was in the centre of Soller. A grand old house through Kensington Estates. The town garden was a dream. The surrounding beauty reminded me I could be in Switzerland. I then visited some in Deia where I was staying. I have come to love it here. There is something about it.
I buzzed round the world at the speed of light, hitting Los Angeles and New York in the reality of dreams, collecting theatres to perform in.  I am taking the play to these places.  It was so much fun to do.  I have never felt happier.
Now back to London.

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