Sunday, 3 July 2011


From ten this morning I have been in preparation for tomorrow.  I am a little scared it has to be said. Will the play be good?, is it good?, will people like it? Is it funny, is it too sad? Is it too long or too short?.  So many things?.  Will the dress break?.  Will it look good.?  All sorts of madness goes through my head.  Why should my story be anymore important than anybody elses?  Well it is, and it is not, it is more about a monologue for women.  There are too few, and there are some good moments.  Plus there has been so many things in the last two or three weeks that I can barely think.  My life has raced ahead without anytime to consider what has gone on. Perhaps the busiest time in the whole of my life.

The funny thing is I remember my story so well, but it is in the past.  All has changed.  There are just remnants left.  Obviously  as I say in the play,  my life slipped through my fingers like a powder puff.
I left the theatre tonight happy that all is going well, all I had to worry about today is whether the quiet peddle in working on the piano and that it was covered with dust.  I solved that by whipping off my dress and using it as a duster. Life is such fun.

I then had to race to Tracey Emin's incredible birthday party on her roof terrace for the interesting mix of  wonderful friends she has collected over the years. I sat talking with Vivienne Westwood who said she would come to the play.  There was  Lucy and David Tang, Alan Yentob, Mat Collishaw, in fact it was quite the place to be. Tracey is certainly loyal to those who love her.  I was so pleased to meet her Mother, a lovely woman.  Thanks to Mark Hix the food was delicious.

Now I need some sleep.

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