Friday, 1 July 2011


Daphne Guinness and Shaun Leane have created a spectacular glove with 5,000 pave diamonds.  Last night Daphne was lying in state at Jay Jopling's spectacular house full of Damien Hirst's butterfly paintings. Swathed in cream lace from head to toe, I could not tell whether the sleeping beauty was alive or dead,  or waiting for a prince just inside a door.  Serene, untouched like stone, that is until Tom Ford came in. Tom awoke his Princess with a kiss fondling the breasts of stone, even Daphne could not help herself from laughing.Quite surreal, quite ethereal, the glove shone from her perfectly.
I need a glove to protect me too.

I then raced to see my good friend Pilar Boxford who was given  birthday party,  The traffic was terrible, too many people everywhere.  This planet is too full.  The traffic was worse the Istanbul's.
I tried to go and support Tracey Emin who was given a birthday by Louis Vuitton in the private room.  I arrived just as they were locking the doors. I went upstairs and saw my great pal Nicky Haslam looking elegant.  If he is wearing Top Man I will eat my hat, I simply do not believe he could be this dapper from the high street.  The usual gang was there Mark Hix, the very adorable Stephen Webster, Nancy Dell'Ollio. Tracey had created a beautiful room, simple napkins with faces, and a table cloth with them too, her simple line drawings giving depth to the evening.  Mark Hix, a brilliant chef created a delicious simple dinner.
I got home and sang arias with Charles and Ben Kinsella and fell asleep at 2am. Oh what delights it is  to have a musical family.

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