Wednesday, 15 June 2011


Today is the day of my show. I arrived on Saturday, and have been so wrapped up with the exhibition. I am seriously impressed with the chicness of Leadapron. Jonathan Brown the owner arranges things beautifully. It is really one of the best galleries in Los Angeles and very easy to get to. Melrose Place is totally charming. Pretty buildings with antiques and a good restaurant. I am totally happy with the production thanks to Michael Flechtner and it is even better than I anticipated.
Funny things happen in life, my family are constantly brought up in conversation nowadays, leaving me tearful and emotional. I am asked to write things for newspapers that are difficult to talk about. Today was incredible. I met a woman who had married a man whose ex wife had been best friends with my Grandmother. Not a day goes by that I do not think about my grandparents and family. It is so funny. I met this lovely woman through Kay Saatchi who I am doing the show with tomorrow. Whatever Kay says there would be no show without her. Who is the artist in these things? The person who asks people to do things or the person who makes them? I often wonder? In any case it is a collaboration and I am truly grateful to all involved. I collected the catalogues beautifully designed and Peccadilloes is now alive. Let's pray it is a success.

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