Monday, 6 June 2011


Green lands are so precious and there is nothing better than going into the oldest parts of Great Britain. It does so much to make my imagination flow.  Waking to the sound of nothing but birds and the sound of waves breaking against rocks is what I wish for.
Yesterday I went for a lovely lunch with loads of small children, the atmosphere was calm, the children happy and from the corner of my eye I was able to watch the French Open at Roland Garros.  My favourite Nadal won, I just knew he would.  I have no hesitation over this mans brilliance.  He never disappoints. It could not have been a better day.  
Everything I ate was truly yummy.  I had been doing my fast for three days with Radiance in London. It works quickly and efficiently.  I am really only able to have liquids these days.  I feel much better on them. 
I think most foods are poison.  I wish I had learnt that when I was young.
There are troubles brewing with the trees of London.  Too many are being removed by councils.  My friend Christina Rotholz has set up a committee, and with the help of The Woodland Trust she is doing her best to save them.  The councils like to cut them down because it costs too much to clean up the mess they make.  With four million people unemployed surely there is enough labour to help? What is society coming to that we are too lazy to clear up after beautiful nature that has been here for already for two hundred years?  The people within the councils should be argued with. It is a crime. Anyway in the hands of Christina we can be assured the fight is on.
Bryan Ferry, Nicholas Haslam and Astrid Munoz all agreed to support her, to persuade ignorant councils that what they are doing is against the nature and beauty of London is a criminal offence.
Christina's email should you wish to help is

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