Friday, 10 June 2011


As a lover of being free, I have tried in life to follow the passion I have at that particular moment,not to persuade other people in my life, that what I was doing was right, or to convince them to follow me but to be open to explore roads I am interested in.  This has lead me to the worlds of photography, fashion, poetry and now I have finished writing a play. I think this way order happens in any case, although I can look hectic and chaotic, my values are not so different from anybody else's, I just wish them to be honest, which is tricky in this world which is ruled by politics and religion.

I first took photographs for British Artists at Work about ten years ago,and the following inspirations evolved,

and I became interested in fashion, poetry and literature.  I work as  Fashion Editor  for Genlux Magazine, and have written two

books of poetry one called Cloak and Dagger Butterfly, and one called The Sins of a Butterfly, I also have my first neon exhibition at

the Leadapron Gallery called Peccadilloes, 7 neons of my deadly sins. I now have written my first play called As I like it, which is

being performed at The Chelsea Theatre with Lyall Watson.

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