Saturday, 28 May 2011

What's cool? Istancool

I went to New York for a day and half  to attend the final first year performance of my son at Mannes. It was so good to see how much had changed and grown up. He played Don Giovanni, and, in the opera Rodelinda, he sang with great thought and sensitivity even though I am a proud Mother.

The next day I rushed to Istanbul, in the rain and too much traffic. Tired out, I was late for my friend Pablo Ganguli in Istanbul. Sadly I missed the opening as my driver got lost. I nearly went crazy in thw back of the limousine, I wanted to be on time. Lateness gives me an allergy and I can't breathe...

Pablo set up Liberatum, his baby, to introduce people to the secrets of the Arts. Hard work and drive have created a huge organization started with just a laptop. He is unstoppable and wants to ensure worldwide integration of the arts between England and the rest of the world.
Nowadays there is so little truth spoken amongst Politicians and Bankers we can only rely on few sources to find it. There is little balance. Pablo Ganguli seeks to find this truth through mixing cultures and stirring up artistic truth. This he has done since setting up Liberatum, by mixing artists, novelists, film makers, photographers, socialites in the real meaning of the word, press Dave Bennett and Tim Blanks, for fun, creative and safe atmospheres he  gently puts people together.  This time for Istanbul, Istancool has given us all something to remember.

 Terry Gilliam, Sophie Calle, Sam Taylor Wood, Tilda Swinton, Courtney Love playfully spoke interestingly with all the guests invited. Showing films, discussing branding. Music and theatre. Pablo watches on, keeping his talented entourage happy.  There were others too, Stephen Jones, Sophia Beddows,Jefferson Hack and many others who were interesting.

This man has far to go. I watch him work wonders in a world where few mix easily.

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