Wednesday, 27 April 2011


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Is this Kate's honeymoon wardrobe?  She is reported to have bought these clothes at the beginning of the week, and they have a practical prettiness about them. Kate has a down to earth ease about her, and she has the potential to be a huge asset to the Royal Family.  Her behaviour is impeccable and her poise admirable.  Having gone to Marlborough College and St Andrews has obviously marked her.  Marlborough is one of the top ten schools in England and St Andrews one of the best Universities.  Her hair is a huge asset, her natural unaffected look and very good legs makes her able to wear almost anything. Kate is already an asset for England before walking down the aisle, and with her personality she is a winner. On Friday night I am talking about her on Fox TV in their roundup of the wedding.  

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Bonnie said...

Congratulations on your Fox TV coverage! I will definitely look for you! I really like seeing everything on the Royal Wedding. Prince William and Kate seem so happy! She is so intelligent, pretty, graceful and fashionable. Her new clothes new look very nice. I'll be waking up early in Los Angeles to watch the their Royal Wedding and wish them all the best!