Saturday, 2 April 2011


Dare I say it? Dare I admit to wanting to get married again?  Well the truth is I do. Last night I went to one of my great friend's wedding in the country.  Another one, but this time it was truly interesting as my friend never expected to be married.  She had been a lover for many years and then she lived with him and now I was sitting with her while she organised her table plans to celebrate both her wedding and 50th Birthday.   Somehow this was truly touching.  I realised that I wanted to get married again.  I want to live with someone.  I don't want, and never did, enjoy reckless sex with the unknown.   I want to share my life with someone worthwhile, who does not ponce off me.  Who cares about me and has a job that they enjoy, who  is passionate, and that I truly fancy.
Most people would think that  having been married twice, once at 23 and again at 28, for 20 years, that the thought would not suit me.  They are wrong.

A woman turned round to me and said that the way I dressed gave the wrong impressions to men, that somehow my Alexander Mcqueen tail coat made me look as if I needed lots of sex and not stability.  They were so wrong again.  I am old fashioned.  I like the idea of a halo, a ring, a white wedding dress and lots of flowers.  My earlier choices in men were not incorrect, the men in question are totally delightful.  Because  we live such long lives nowadays without becoming a granny, between the use of botox and facelift, hormone and diet, exercise and work, women are squeezing  at least another ten years out of their lives.  Marriage vows were set up with the magna carta,  when we were expected, as women, to die in childbirth, and here we are now living as sexy goddesses, god willing, to about 75.  My grandmother used to say to me "When a woman stops falling in love, she is dead"

My ideal man this time should be a writer or opera director.  This time I would  be silent when things did not turn out exactly as I planned in my fairy forest aged eight. The only thing is they must be working and not have some terminal illness.  I am neither the Red Cross or Mother Theresa, but I am happy, very happy to say those famous words "In sickness and in health"  They just have to be with the right person, not the wrong.

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