Tuesday, 1 March 2011


Every year when they dust off those gold statues, and give the tinsel town fairy a dress to wear, security guarded diamonds, it is simply Pygmalion.  Can anyone answer why these women, supposedly iconic film stars need to give free advertising to the couture houses?  Personally I would never borrow anything, and borrowed diamonds are certainly not for me.  Either I am given something or I will buy it. "Never a borrower lender be" oops sorry "beggar be"..  Surely at this level of stardom these women need nothing.  Wouldn't  it better and more normal if they had something which they had personally wanted or designed and created just for them, instead of wearing a second hand wedding dress?.  Otherwise it is just a Hollywood uniform dished out on the night and taken back immediately.  Unless I pay for it I don't consider it mine.
I enjoy buying myself things, being given dresses makes me feel like a charity.
When you have to give back the jewellery, I feel like the prostitute in "Pretty Woman" it is not glamorous.  I am not a slave to any house. I have freedom to be me, and define my own style. I am an Amanda Eliasch.  I would not want to have to burn a portion of my wardrobe, borrowed or not, just to prove I am not anti semitic. None of this impresses me.  If we wear Galliano, Mcqueen or Versace  it is tainted.  I would hate to have to scan the newspapers every day to check what is politically correct.  I would not wish to make a fashion faux pax because a designer has expressed a negative opinion.

Stardom is just another performance, if they are given the goodie bag, the make up, the dress, the shoes, the car hire companies, you become the hired help to make up the numbers.  The fashion houses use the stars to model their clothes for free.
So for me I like Lynn Wyatt the best, the real thing, a socialite from the right era because she had a new jewellery designer called Azizeh gracing her throat and a classic white dress lending class to what is a fairly tacky event.
The Vanity Fair party was perhaps the only elegant party that felt like true Hollywood Glamour.   These days what passes for Hollywood stars are the bottom of the pit and famous for things that used to be an embarrassment.
Piles of dresses now will  be hidden away entombed like a time capsule.

The old Hollyward star never had to resort to showing too much flesh of resorting to shock tactics., and Galliano was not Edith Head.  Edith did not need to open her mouth to make herself interesting.

Most stars need heavy medication and an ego removal when the make up artist has left and the illusion has fallen away, and the only scripts that arrive are for comical widows.  Personally I have lived a life of loving Lucille Ball  and Doris Day, old time real stars. I just want to be an individual sweetie pops.

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Zoe Moon Astrology said...

I thought Helena Bohnam Carter had it right as well, she wore a costume designer who designs for film, not couture, and created the dress just for her, kudos to Helena.