Monday, 7 March 2011


As soon as I wrote the last piece the invitations flooded through to me. Obviously the pr's are on google alert and I was pleased to get to Giambattista Valli just in time. His show started off really plain and I thought what has happened here? Soon I was back in the land of Valli.  His semi couture show splendid, young and grand. If only he was English he would dressing Kate. Some very fitted lean looking jackets and trousers.  There is still a 60's/70's feel about the clothes without being strictly of that era.  He has padded the collars and waists, using different combinations of fabrics in the same colours, or using deliberate reds and pinks against black.
I loved the collection and Giamba will hopefully be allowed to go far.

The fashion world feels stormy.   Although there are incredible moments, the extravagance within the industry looks out of time in so many ways.  There is a war waging in the Middle East and the fuss over one quite pretty girl in Giamba's front row is out of proportion to what else is going on in the world, and I have yet to meet a person who is in the glossy pages who doesn't stamp their little feet and get what they want very easily.  On top of this I saw all the truly important editors like the wonderful Franca Sozzani, Editor of Italian Vogue  and Madamoiselle Agnes patiently being pushed around, I love and adore these two, so why not a bit of respect?.  Franca truly is a queen. I mean this in every sense.  Can we please get a grip on what is important and what is not?

I am off to listen to St Matthew's Passion.

On another note.. Giamba you did a great show and I want the last black see through ball dress..

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