Thursday, 24 March 2011


Grayson Perry spoke last night at The Royal Academy's auction for students.  It was funny and moving. He  has joined the royal ranks of the Academy, and was there telling us all about what it meant to be a student.  I am one of his greatest fans and the one present I treasure, is a little pot given to me of his.  I was kindly asked by the owners of Scream Gallery who were totally delightful.  James Fox  and Tyrone Wood were both charming, interesting and immediately sent me an email the next day telling me that a Warhol of Elizabeth Taylor was for sale.  After  todays sad news of  her death I should be interested, unfortunately I am a lover of my blonde friend Marilyn Monroe. I have bought quite a few things from Scream, a little drawing from the niece of Jerry Hall, a gold portrait of Marilyn Monroe and a print of a skull drawn by the two Chapman brothers. 

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