Wednesday, 2 February 2011


I am again on my diet of green, to avoid a gallstone operation.  Everybody tells me the operation is easy and that I should do it. In my view unless I learn how to eat properly and healthily I might as well not bother. Like most of us, I am too greedy although I hate alcohol. This week, I am doing penance for abusing my body. I am very happy at the moment,  the food is entirely good for me and presented in the most delicious way by the talented nutritionist Catherine Vanazzi from San Paulo and Rio. Luckily it is a quiet week in London so I am finding it relatively easy.  Half the joy of Catherine is her beautiful  fruit and vegetable designs.  She cuts out fat and protein and within days you see results.
With the help of Justine my new Yoga teacher in London, I am keeping up my lessons each day.  It is quite miraculous.  After five weeks I feel totally different.  I am learning what it is like to be a nun.  I seem to pray and meditate most of the day.  It cures almost everything. Of course I miss my favourite teacher Eka in Los Angeles but in a totally different way I am learning a lot from Justine.  She went to Mountview an acting school in the north of London.  I remember I did my only good audition there, I actually sang really well.

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