Monday, 7 February 2011


At the beginning of the year I swore secretly to myself that I would do new things  that I normally would  curl my little lip up to. Yesterday was the first test.

As a little girl I was appalled by the sound of  match of the day, the tune drove me crazy and I would hide in my bedroom, hoping the whole ghastly episode would finish quickly as my brother and grandparents would be glued to the television.

By some merry chance I was whisked to a match in my Alexander Mcqueen high heels, little organza dress suitable for dinners a deux, and a black Chanel jacket,with white cuffs, to the  Chelsea match against Liverpool. I felt a little conscious, I looked like a black fairy cake, but my excuse was  I had been to lunch when I was summoned.  I had no idea what I was doing, in any case I remembered Rushka Bergman and my Grandmother's words "Always make an effort, you never know what the day may bring" I walked down the Kings Road to the match with a Chelsea football scarf round my neck and I can tell you I have never been happier.  My shoes were comfortable.  It's incredible how comfortable shoes are when you are happy, you can run in them, and mine were at least 7 inches high. In any case I made the second half of the match and by the end of it sounded like a cross fish wife as Chelsea lost to Liverpool, one goal to nil.  I was furious, the game was not exciting, but it had an appeal like no other.  I was replacing players, sacking them on the spot for the smallest misdemeanor.  In fact if I was Abromovich I would buy a whole new team and sell this one off.  You see a little knowledge is a dangerous thing.

I told my son later that night I intended to go with him when I next could and he looked horrified in charming sparkling way that I love. One thing is for certain I shall be saying yes to everything now, because you never know what it may bring.

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