Thursday, 10 February 2011


One of my most favourite things to do is to watch awards.  I really do not want to go out, I just like to watch them in silence lounging in the comfort of my home. They are for me a football game.  However this Sunday I will be going to the BAFTA's the British Awards for the talented people in Film and Television. I will go to the parties as the support for The Kings Speach is incredible as it should be.  It is a very British film, and in this way beautifully made, with a great script, good director, brilliant acting by all parties, including Helena Bonham Carter, who seems to have been overlooked as the Queen Mother, but she is up thank goodness for best supporting actress, I loved her in Alice in Wonderland as The Queen of Hearts.  While watching her, I was often taken in.  Then there was Geoffrey Rushes incredible support as the doctor to the King.  Of course I equally loved Social Network, in a completely different way, which was moving, and obviously more contemporary. As a lover of Facebook it has my wholehearted support, it probably should win best film.
Who will win the BAFTA's this week end is the question, but for me the answers are already on the table. With so much press on Colin Firth, and the love of the Royal Family he will win best actor.  His body of work is incredible, and whether or not this is his best film he deserves it because in each film he creates a unique character.
The best actress should go to Annette Bening in The Kids are Alright.  However I did not enjoy the film, and of course Natalie Portman's portrayal in Black Swan deserves some notice.  The decision is not clear cut.  I have a great admiration of Julianne Moore in The Kids Are Alright, and for two years running she has been incredible with a glamorous portrayal in A Single Man.
Andrew Garfield from Social Network  and Geoffrey Rush, from Kings Speech were wonderful supporting actors  and if only awards could be split.
If  Alexandre Desplat does not win a major award this year, it will be a huge shame.  His huge body of work, including Harry Potter, Cheri, Fantastic Mr Fox, A Girl with a Pearl Earring, The Queen and Twilight, showing us his panache and incredible composing deserves notice.  He is in my view further ahead than the other composers up for the nomination.  Unfortunately not enough people in film appreciate the music, or even understand the hard work that goes into it.  In England we put it on a sort of back burner, yet music manages to make or break any film.
Of course there are many other awards for best script, effects and so on.  I shall be there watching my favourites, and praying for them.  I was born into the film world and its funny how its enthusiasm stays with me.

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