Saturday, 19 February 2011


This may for me have been Issa's best show yet.  Personally I could imagine wearing most of the clothes and even daring to wear a little colour.  Clearly influenced by Kate Middleton, Issa has created her whole wardrobe and perhaps mine too.  Royal blues, reds, greens with yet again more jaunty hats from Stephen Jones.  He must have been up all night for weeks.  Short skirts with matching tights and shirts with bows.
Daniella is able to bring out the crowds and  this show has become more and more popular, especially as Kate Middleton was photographed wearing one of them for her engagement.  It is ten years since Daniella started and she believes in designing for every woman, round, voluptuous, and needing comfort. She is not a trend setting designer but one that you can actually be comfortable wearing.

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