Sunday, 23 January 2011


I have had a whirlwind trip to New York, but then whirlwinds can be the most fun.  I arrived just in time in the freezing cold, to go to the opera, luckily it was an incredible performance of Tosca at The Met with  Sondra Radvanovsky singing. Totally compelling.. Then went and stayed at The Trump Hotel, which I would never normally stay in, but which was less vulgar than I imagined and puts many other hotels in New York to shame.  They gave me an apartment, with great views, which was convenient to what I needed to do.  I love both The Pierre Hotel and The Carlyle .  I am just surprised that nobody had mentioned The Trump.  I am very fussy, and the service was brilliant.
Yesterday I went sale shopping with Hannah Danger Lynch, a huge character, and lots of style, I wanted to steal her Yves St Laurent shoes, but she said there was no need as they were on sale at Barneys.  We gulped down lunch at Harry Cipriani's and rushed round to find one 39.5 shoe and one 38.5, nobody would realise that this was perfect for me as I have one foot larger than the other, then  I got a further ten percent off, a cinderella story.
I was treated in the morning to incredible hair and make up from John Barrett's salon, in Bergdorf Goodman's.  Antonio can seriously do camp hair.
Then off to the airport, slept my way back to London.

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