Saturday, 1 January 2011


Last night at 8pm I went to the spa at the Amanpuri which is very good.  The daily massage from the girls has reduced my cellulite, the yoga has improved my general welfare and stature, and last night I had the pleasure of meeting the most wonderful girl called Naomi.  I don't know exactly how to explain it. Through some gentle movements she is able to diagnose problems within your body.  Using Bach products and acupuncture she claims she is able to relieve existing problems.  My sons came back rosy cheeked and happy full of enthusiasm and even pinching my appointments. The minute I entered the room I understood why.  This petite girl was full of  gentle excitement.  She told me my sons were wonderful and that I was their master/teacher..  I am hardly  an academic..  I carried on thinking she could be just being sweet.  Then she told me what I was missing, taurine and the funny thing is I live off  Red Bull.  In fact I crave it.  I have three of four a day. Naomi could not have possibly known that.
I have helped my sons a lot to be their own characters, inspired by a wonderful woman at Raja Yoga called Gizi who I once had lessons with, and The Prophet by Kahil Gibran.  I am no saint and she said I would lose my temper because I could not come to terms with teaching them.. I think I am here to be madly in love, and now realise why nothing works in that direction, but that my boys seem to be turning into wonderful men even though I say it myself.

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