Tuesday, 18 January 2011


The golden globes were packed with brightly coloured dresses last night. January Jones, was for me the best dressed in a red Versace dress. January had asked Donatella to make it for her.  Of course I love the look,  stunningly retro, taking us into real Hollywood.  Natalie Portman made pregnancy absolutely adorable, in a pink satin dress with a pretty red rose in beads on it, by Victor and Rolf, cute as a button. There were so many stunning dresses to choose from.

Make up and hair are essential if you wish to bump up your star quality. Personally I use Angela Kalinowski from the Mirage Hotel's salon, Kim Vo..  Angela is a hidden secret, my friends.  This  treasure seriously knows how to do hair.  This week we have been  weaving colours in and out at the back, creating a modern version of a 1928 hair do.  Of course I have pink and black extensions in blonde hair, I love this.  I must have had at least fifteen compliments.  I have gone round the world for real hairdressers, who are beautifully trained, and for me there are only three that are any good.  She is one of them, the other is Snowden Hill in London, and another is in Paris.

For make up I use Tonya Crooks, the eye brow queen of Beverly Hills.  I think she makes me look better than I did ten years ago.. I have fun trying new camp looks.  In London, Emma Obyrn equally does really good clean make up.

These lovely creatures decided to come and hold my hand for an audition yesterday, with George Blodwell the stylist.. Heaven knows how I did, and I  shall remain quiet about it.  I felt suddenly very English sitting in a chair being filmed.  It was so so Hollywood that I had to give it a go, I like to open every door.  In any case it was one of my dreams as a teenager to try everything once, and to stretch my imagination.

In the evening I went to the world famous hairdresser Vidal Sassoon, it was his 83rd birthday, which he charmingly wished was his 38th.  This man has pure serenity.  I swear he looks good because he smiles and is happily married.. Ronnie Sassoon his wife equally share this beautiful quality and she is a brilliant cook to boot.


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