Tuesday, 21 December 2010

MY WISHES FOR 2011, Noah's Ark here I come.

My darling Rushka Bergman came to stay in my new house, as I am doing a project  with her.  Rushka's brilliance is clearly evident as she has styled hundreds of charismatic and clever people from around the world. I love her artistic vision and she is now working on my script which hopefully I will have in production by the middle of next year.
I also wish to finish my new book of poetry which at the moment has no direction, but over the holidays will have a message.
My photography has been neglected, due to loving printing and the man I used to print with no longer has his dark room. I would love to do some photographs of the men in my life. I started this a year ago and I will close this chapter of my life.
The houses should be finished  and this will leave me time to pursue projects even nearer my heart.  I adore doing them but there is a lot of stress involved and I need to be calm. I also do not wish to be known as a property developer.
I have a new love of my life, the neon sign.. This is lots of fun and with The Seven Deadly Sins nearly completed with Michael Fletchner, I will hopefully find a gallery to show them.
These are my personal wishes, but also there are so many problems in the world.  Dreadful starvation, unnecessary conflict, greed and violation of human rights that the world seems to be in never ending turmoil, The human being never learns, and if we continue on this path, maybe the way forward will be taking my boat round the world in 2012 to escape and find out if it does end? Noah's Ark here I come..
Meanwhile this year I shall work hard to finish my existing projects.

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Julie Anne Rhodes said...

Please bring your ark to LA - we need rescuing from this endless rain, and we need you to brighten our day! Merry Christmas my fabulously beautiful and talented friend. Lots of love, Jewels xoxo