Thursday, 16 December 2010


I am so excited by the Globes, Oscars, Brit awards, BAFTA awards.  In fact I seriously enjoy watching people receive recognition for hard work.  It's a grown up version of doing well at school.  It makes me feel good especially if I like a film or actor.  To be in Hollywood at that time of year is also justifiably exciting.  I love seeing people do well and have always done so.  It makes me just a little bit more shiny. I may not even know the people involved and yet it makes me dewy eyed. Why I have no idea.  I am a bit of a romantic and things that interest me, I become totally involved in. Some films just draw you in. It is almost more fun when you don't know anyone.  In any case my interest, I realise, is similar to  my sons interest in who is going to win the football, only without the dreadful music.  I just love film and he loves footy.
Two days ago  the Globe nominations were announced  for 2011, set up by the Hollywood Press Association in 1944.  I am happy that Kings Speech, The Weinstein Company, won so many, Colin Firth is so exciting to watch and is brilliant as the King of England and Helena Bonham Carter as his wife.  Then Johnny Depp who I think in incredible in every film gets a nomination, and Zimmer against Desplat.  It will all make interesting viewing.  My personal favourite is The Kings Speech produced by The Weinstein company.   A very English film, but it is beautifully made in every way.  Colin Firth is our best actor, he is so versatile.
The Losers are often more interesting than the winners.  For me it doesn't really matter.  I like the razz-me-tazz, the dresses, the smiles, the glamour, the films, the scripts, the music, the producers, the parties.  So when asked I fully admit I enjoy the whole thing.  

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