Sunday, 14 November 2010

NO PRIDE BUT PLENTY OF EGO, our welfare system.

A national debt of four trillion is "serious handbag", as my girlfriend Julia Laverne says. I say we should bring back to England its old industrious nature and team effort. This debt is  25 percent more than the value of every house and flat in Britain. In the circumstances, I say everybody should pay tax if they can walk down the road, and are well. 
If a woman thinks it is an achievement to have four babies by the time she is in her early twenties, it is not. The welfare that she believes she is entitled to has to be paid back. There are other ways of earning money on your back. We have become a fat indolent nation.  Playing computer games all day is not a way forward. People who believe that renting out their council house is a right are morally sick. They need encouragement to learn to work again. 
Think of all the skills we have lost: growing potatoes, cooking a full lunch, making a cake without a book, making a boat, sewing sails…Our seamstresses who were so talented, but where are they now? Why have we all become so lazy, living off disgusting processed food? Everyone should be a Nigella or Jamie in the kitchen.
Of course there must be a safety net in our society for the disabled, the ill, the old and frail. There should be free education and hospital treatment. But it still has to be paid back. Why does anyone who is healthy and able assume that they don't need to be part of society and contribute appropriately, 50 percent taxation won't work as the clever leave, we need to provide incentives for people to think of new jobs? The poor and – just as importantly – the well off like me should all do our bit, and if the Government was not greedy people would stay in this country and we would be able to help reduce the national debt, we therefore should reward the clever like  Sir Phillip Green, and make life attractive for them to stay in England and help us sort out this hellish mess. WE SHOULD ALL BE REALISTIC There is nothing free on this planet, and why should there be.
(Although I am fortunate enough to get all my needs fulfilled, I am not Bill Gates, and my money would not buy enough burgers for Macdonalds to feed the whole of London in one day, so you know I made my money by co producing my ex husband's empire, when I met him he was 24  now he is a multi millionaire)

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Vinnes said...

Norway is pretty much the most advanced system regarding taxation/wellfare but it all comes from responsible people at the top who are not just interested in wellfare of the own ass, control and political careers. Speaking of philantropism my friend Slavica silently gives millions to the ones in need she's a good example. She says "I don't need to go to the most luxurious hotel paying 5000 but I'll go for the much more interesting bohemian one and pay 500 and give 4500 to the children in need instead. I love these people!

There are plenty things on this planet which are free and resourceful, gifts of Gaia, but these are invisible to the eye of the rude.


By the way, I forgot to add, public media personas, what do they contribute to raise awareness? There is Paris Hilton's update on Twitter like this: "You only live once. Make the most of it. Our time here is so precious. Live and Love life. We all should be rich and famous bla blah" Millions follow the meesages. Or like Bono Vox "Don't make wars people, wars are bad." - Many people are like this, they think they are entitled to think that people are idiots in general, it is quite easy for them to say that, but it's a way off reality. They preach something very basic and sleazy yet acting in hipocrisy and for whimsy caprice. We all can criticize the hell out of everything but fine subtle layers of awareness and development of own logic system with passion, imagination and reasoning makes what we may become and what we truly are. If one criticizes - where is the true action, and where is useful inspiration, not just narcissistic justification to prove self-worth or feel of being noble? Prove it not on individual level but make a chain reaction! I've had projects for well being of many, but they got stopped because it would jeopardize profits and interests. $$$. And this situation on a global scale nowadays is perfect mirror of who we are. Greedy little bastards hungry for control, power, little sleazy interests, money, slavery, sexery, timewastlery. Humans are wonderful beings, capable of doing miracles, yet they forgot that in the process of growing up, education etc.