Thursday, 25 November 2010


It is Christmas again, and I am immediately put into a position of hell, what do I give people, that will be personal to them and that they would like?.  I look to myself first and the presents I have loved first for inspiration.  I received a tea set covered with butterflies in delicate china which I love more than anything else, it was sent so romantically, anonymous with no name attached, and only I know who it is from.  I have also received a wonderful mug from Grayson Perry the artist, which was given to me by Tim Willis my great pal.  In fact he is a great present giver, intelligent and imaginative spring to mind.  For my birthday he gave me an engraved jewellery box with Beautiful inscribed in it. BEAUTIFUL UNIQUE TEMPTING TORRID EXOTIC RAVISHING FABULOUS LOVEABLE YOU.. Now how could I resist that?  Then there is the incredible portrait of me with two heads painted by Vincenzo de Maar who painted a portrait of me for my birthday and he is just another good friend whose work I admire.    So boys you have a lot to live up to.  I don't think presents need to be expensive, but they do require creativity and generosity of spirit.
I was listening to my Aunt yesterday who wants a string of pearls that she can wrap easily round her neck. I remember reading that Coco Chanel loved pearls because they have the ability to lighten the face and make you look younger.  Well we all want that.  So I shall take up the challenge.
Think about who you are giving to, what they love, and if you don't like it yourself don't buy it.  There is so much wastage at this time of year.  I also love to wrap up presents enjoying every minute of the arduous chore...which is more pleasure than chore.

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