Wednesday, 17 November 2010


I saw my wonderful friend last night David Collins who wanted to steal my Marc Jacob bag for his sister, and yes it is divine, navy blue sparkles.  I love it.  I found him at Ivana Lowell's book launch, who is part of the Guinness dynasty.  I saw loads of old friends who I haven't seen for twenty years. Ivana's life is dramatic to say the least and makes fascinating reading.  Her mother Caroline Blackwood, was a beautiful writer, damaged and a high profile bohemian who had affairs with Lucien Freud and the talented composer Israel Cirkowitz.  Finally she married the poet Robert Lowell. Her mother suffered from addiction problems and so does Ivana. The Guinness family life was not easy, it seems tragic and sad.  Ivana however is often funny and lightens the misery with amusing anecdotes.  "Why not say what happened" Ivana Lowell  makes her life good reading. It was held at Wheelers in St James, and afterwards I went to Hakkasan in Bruton Street, eating delicious food, truly delicious.  Heather Kerzner hosted a dinner  in aid of removing Malaria from Africa.  Lots of interesting conversations from the art and film worlds.

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