Saturday, 13 November 2010


It seems there can never be too many books on Isabella Blow nowadays. I spent a lot of time with her in her last four years of life,  visiting her often in hospital, taking her  once a Balenciaga dress she wanted, and another time sending a friend to do her hair and make up, and to do her nails.  Isabella came round to my house in Chester Square  for coffee, lunch and dinner, she was always welcome. For three years in a row Issie stayed with me in the South of France at my house, Maison du Cap in St Tropez, once the home of the record producer Eddie Barclay..  She was inspiring, she nagged me to change my look and suggested that I copied Marilyn, shooting me for Tatler Magazine. She persuaded Tim Noble and Sue Webster to do a fashion shoot and I remember being shocked by the huge phallic symbols that they drew on a wall, putting them into the pictures they took of me.  Yes she liked the outrageous but she was so much more than this.  She also liked intellectual pursuits, she read a lot and was interested in Art. Isabella was funny not a tragedy and Lauren Goldstein Crowe shows this in her book "A life in Fashion, Isabella Blow" It is beautifully presented and well put together, if you are a fan, go get it. This week her friends met up to celebrate yet again her life, a small group at Claridges, her sisters Julia and Baby, Phillip Treacy and Lucy Ferry/Birley, her best friends.

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Knackered said...

Thank you for coming Amanda. My friend Sandra asked who the woman was that looked like Marilyn Monroe so Issie can rest easy on that score. Hope to see you soon, before our next LA jaunt.