Saturday, 13 November 2010


I found a red poppy on the floor of a taxi in London.  I was asked by my dietician, Catherine Vanazzi, what it meant.I was silent, in a way it means so much to all of us. Remembrance of those who died for us in the army.  The first image that comes to mind is the Chelsea Pensioners.  If I follow my thought pattern, it  goes like this, Stalin, Hitler, Lenin, the Holocaust, Churchill, the jews, the army, the trenches, Siegfried Sasson, Wilfred Owen, the great war poets and so on.  I was born fifteen years after the end of World Ward Two, but it had its effect on me.  I have read nearly every book on the suffering of the Jews, the Russians, The Romanovs and so on until I can stand it no more.
On a lighter note I had the good fortune to go to the premiere of Harry Potter book Deathly Hallow this week.  I have never read the books nor seen the films and I thought I should make the effort and see what its all about. Glamorous and excited  I loved the way the  film looked, and yes there is something delightful about J.K Rowling who I was lucky and honoured to meet.  Clever woman with a warm smile and a hand of luck.  Good for her. There were beautiful moments, stunning landscapes with huge grandiose music by the number one French composer Alexandre Desplat who seems to do everything these days.
I  went with my gorgeous friend Nicky Haslam  who actually invited me to the Masonic Lodge in Covent Garden, The Freemasons' Hall.  I was in awe of the honour of standing in the inner temple.  Built in art deco style in the 1930's it is hallowed ground and perfect for the first night party of Harry Potter.

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