Saturday, 6 November 2010


I feel I am dressing up to go nowhere this week.  I am so busy nagging that I can barely get out and if I leave the house you never know what will happen.  Everything is nearly done  except for several thousand little things to keep the builders busy.  The energy here is good, and I am loathe to say anything other than I am totally happy.  I think it may be the first time in at least 3 years that I feel at peace.  The internet is of course a disaster and I seem to have to wait six weeks for telephones from BT.  By the way what has happened to this company?.  I am totally fed up with being put from one department to another and living with a very poor signal.  My mood is good though as I watch fireworks from my bed. I think it is the first Saturday I have had in for about 4 years.
I am dieting again with Catherine Vanazzi from Brazil.  Her menu is totally delicious nowadays, I had vegetable sushi today which was beautiful to look at and I wanted more.  I will jump on my scales happily as the pounds fly away.
I had one really fun moment today with my friend Dounia, who is thirteen and has the voice of Barbara Streisand, she needs all my support and luckily today my lovely friend Bhesat was on true form and instead of pilates he spent his time helping her sing.
Both are brilliant singers, there is so much talent out there.

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