Wednesday, 27 October 2010


I felt so at home watching this movie. Everything was familiar, Hollywood, the roads,  Chateau Marmont, the hookers, the pole dancing, the man falling asleep whilst the girls try to seduce.  Stephen Dorff's  performance hit a note with me.  His emptiness, his loneliness, his lack of direction, yet he had the strength to get out of bed for ridiculous press conferences where they asked nothing, his far too adult relationship with his eleven year daughter, played by Elle Fanning, and his ferrari breaking down, the silence.  I have seen so many people in Los Angeles waiting for something, needing something and finding nothing.  I hasten to add that I expect nothing there except I love the sun and architecture don't misunderstand, wonderful things have happened to me there too and this man is a star, and this may be Stephen Dorff's best film. When he needed a friend, nobody was there for him, as he sobbed down the telephone I also sobbed.
Sofia Coppola, writer and director,  has "it", she truly understands the human being.  The virgin suicides about young girls comiting suicide, the old man looking for a woman in Lost in Tranlation, the young girl looking for entertainment in her portrayal of Marie-Antoinette, and now her lonely star in Somewhere. I believe when you have learnt to deal with your loneliness you have got over everything.
I think that technology has split everybody apart and isolated human beings, we telephone instead of visiting, texting instead of talking.
The good thing for women is we have a comradeship that helps us,  and the most important thing is that I feel I do.
This film for me is a winner on many levels. Venice Film Festival thought so too.
This was meant to be a premiere, I don't know why but for this film nobody turned up to our festival!.

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