Tuesday, 28 September 2010


You feel so spoilt at the fashion shows, and it is so easy to  criticise the designers hard work.  I think it is better to try and be positive.  I like to imagine what I would wear out of each collection.    The designers usually have in house public relations which are constantly changing and  it requires hours of nagging and I have sadly not won over Milan just yet.
However I love it, it has lots to offer, the people there, the food, the shopping, Carla Sozzani's shop Corso Como, which has exhibitions too, and two or three amazing little bedrooms to rent.

Christopher Kane is now working for Versus based his show around the playground.  Swings, roundabouts, children, the clothes looked in some cases like wearable clown costumes. Pretty prints, all jumbled together, tight long skirts  and a line short skirts.  He is supported clearly by Donatella.
This winter I have loved his own collection of black shirts with leather collars in lace and chiffon.
Roberto Cavalli  has been around for  40 years working in a different playground. .  His clothes are ritzy, flash and for  a specific type of woman.  Sadly I kill his clothes, but many look ravishing in them.  He knows how to do sexy and over the top clothes very well.  Thank goodness there are so many types of women on the planet,  these shows prove this. The Italian's idea of a beautiful woman is Sophia Lauren with generally big bosoms, long hair, bigs lips lots of sparkle, shine and make up.  In England we are different, we so multi cultured now, we have  many new nationalities influencing us.  They have good weather, we generally have bad, we appreciate Kate Moss, with no make up and no bosoms and long legs.  We are  also a more culturally diverse.
Of course not everybody is into fashion by any means, but different cultures require different things.

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